Senior Venue Entertainers

Just because, we are older, doesn't mean we don't like to party!

 This site is a valuable resource of links to pages specifically designed to help you as an entertainer or activity director or senior group organizer.

by Roger Chartier - Senior Entertainer

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If you are looking for songs to use to entertain seniors, then follow the songs for seniors link. 
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Check the basic equipment for a Seniors Entertainer page if wondering what equipment to use to put on a show and entertain the retired bunch.

See the suggested clothes and props that you should use to entertain the older folks.

New ideas are good!

Some entertainers like to stroll from table to table or room to room as they entertain.
Learn a bit about being a strolling entertainer.

Learn how to book yourself if you want to get jobs entertaining the older generation.

Do a different show for seniors with theme parties.

It means that you have a different show from time to time and are less redundant.

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Entertainment for a Hawaiian Luau

It's something I do, and folks love it.

Also, you can take the time to look at this web page about how to throw a Luau.

Tips on, how to organize a Hawaiian Luau.

Older generation of seniors -

A birthday party

A birthday party for seniors always makes them feel special.

As people get older, they like to get some individual attention.

When they have a party for their birthday, it gives them that boost.

Often in senior facilities, they often feel that they are becoming just part of a crowd.

The way this group parties it makes younger people look forward to retirement.

Roger chartier with Country western outfit -

Yee Ha! Country and Western music

Is a favorite of a lot of seniors.

The older folks were more into country music than the younger generation is so it can be more useful  to make your party work with the older crowd.

Roger Chartier - American -

The4th of July celebrations

Are perfect with some patriotic music.

Yankee Doodle Dandy and Grand Old Flag and America the beautiful etc.

Give them the patriotic songs that get them motivated.

Erin Go Bragh... St Patrick's day

Irish music goes hand in hand. Give them some Irish music.

Roger Chartier with a Tenor Banjo - www.SeniorVenue Entertainers.comHere are some ideas about what to do to entertain dementia residents in a nursing home.

Throw a party for folks in a nursing home and entertain the mid level functioning residents.

Folks in assisted living facilities are often really on the ball, so you have to put on a good seniors show! Think about how to do what you would think is appropriate for assisted living entertainment.

Seniors who have retired are finally getting the chance to do the socializing that they might have missed while working all those years. They love entertainment for independent living groups.

Adult Day Care Centers

Are fun places to entertain as the age groups are broader. Those folks are ready to party when an entertainer is there, and they love to interact and dance at adult day center party.

Roger Chartier with a custon Gretsch guitar - www.SeniorVenueEntertainers.comA senior group event is meant to be a fun and active time. They are on the ball and have senior group parties often to keep up interest in membership.

Free Calendar

Want a free monthly 2012 calendar? Click the link and print it out. How about free blank sheet music page?

If you are an entertainer or senior activity organizer then check out the useful links page.

Interested in games to play for seniors?

National Nursing Home Week and National Assisted Living Week

National nursing home week is a big deal in the seniors entertainment field so you can follow the link at the beginning of the sentence.

Roger Chartier with a black Ibanex 12 string guitar - www.SeniorVenueEntertainers.comAre you wondering when National Assisted Living Week is? Follow the link for ideas and dates.

Theme Parties

Here are 18 Theme party ideas.  

Fund Raisers

7 ideas for fund raisers for your senior group or community. And...5 ideas for seniors event fund raisers.

If you are an entertainer and you get paid, your dear old uncle Sam wants his cut, so check out Tax Information for Entertainers.

Save money on your taxes by deducting mileage

Try this informative website for saving a lot of money on taxes,

Retirement Planning

Are you retired or thinking about retirement? Let me recommend the website
The site is full of resources for retirement planning and tips for those who are already retired.